Notification of Absence

Please notify the staff of and planned holidays or absences. Payment of the standard fee is still payable even if your child does not attend playgroup, in absence of holiday, sickness or otherwise.

Illness and Sickness

In case of sickness and diarrhoea, we ask you keep your child away from playgroup until 72 hours has passed since the last bout. We will not normally give medication to your child. Children who are obviously not well are better off at home and will not be accepted into the playgroup session.

In the case of life saving medication (e.g insulin or Adrenalin injections or nebulizers) this should ideally be administered by a parent/guardian. If this is not possible, then written information is required from the parent/guardian stating the required dosage, timing, etc together with consent for the staff to administer. Any such medication should be clearly marked with the child's name and dosage details and will be kept in the playgroup cupboard. The playgroup staff will keep a register of all administration details. An accident book is kept at the playgroup and you will be asked to countersign any entry regarding your child.

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