Get Involved

Soham Playgroup is a registered charity (No 1032286), managed by a Committee of parent volunteers. The Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Playgroup, from employing staff to organizing fundraising events throughout the year. Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in October. Parents must be prepared to go on the committee and cannot be elected without giving their consent. Committee meetings are held, on average, once or twice a term, usually at one of the Committee Members homes. At meetings many issues are discussed including:

  • Fundraising, involving arranging events like cake stalls, tombolas etc
  • How we should spend funds raised. (ideas for this usually come from the staffing team as they know what the children need)
  • We also have to make sure all the necessary bills are paid, insurance is valid etc

As well as committee members, elected officers are also needed. These people carry slightly more responsibility than committee members.

CHAIRMAN: The Chairman is the spokesperson for the committee. Two people can share the job. The Chairman also sees the smooth running of the committee meetings and the AGM.

SECRETARY: This person deals with correspondence associated with the group and also makes the minutes at committee meetings and the AGM. Two people can also share this.

TREASURER: The smooth running of the financial affairs of the group is the responsibility of this person. Two people can share this job.

We need representation of parents from both Playgroup venues. Your commitment to the Playgroup Committee can be as much or as little as you want it to be and many of the existing members work full-time inside and outside of their homes.

Your playgroup really does need YOU. Without people coming forward each year the playgroup will close!

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